Asseal software was designed by a team of programmers with more than 17 year experience in designing superior accounting and financial management systems; having in mind developing a system not only for the current period, but also for the next decade or more.

Asseal was designed especially to work under 9x / NT/ ME / 2OOO / XP / win 7 environment's giving the user an easy interface to learn  in addition to gaining all the resources available under Windows.

Asseal system is available in there different releases to serve small, medium and large business.

Asseal is fully multilingual (Arabic\English); offering a two user interfaces both capable of producing reports in either languages; Automated Journal entries as well as Inventory transactions can be commented in either language. Asseal is integrated, simple and easily customized.

Asseal has acquired an excellent track record in Egypt and the region since it was released.

Golden Asseal 2014

  New Feature

(1) Accounting

 Asseal Accounting features (in accordance with International Accounting Standards (IAS) and national accounting standards ) include:

  • Chart of accounts.
  • Journals.
  • General ledger.
  • Balance sheet creation.
  • Budgets and planning process.
  • Multi departments.
  • Funds management and monitoring
  • Cost centres; with reallocation capability.
  • Aging.
  • Project accounting.
  • Cost and management accounting
  • Multi branching.
  • Aging.
  • Finical reporting
  • Fully Integrated with Asseal Human Resource module.


(2) Inventory

Asseal inventory features include:

Items Index
  • Asseal gives the user the ability of keeping and using up to five different selling and up to five different purchase prices for every individual item. Prices may be specified in any currency. Any item may be subject to VAT or not. Items subject to VAT may have different VAT rates.
  • Every Item has two codes (one numeric and other alphanumeric); the user may use any or both of these numbers.
  • Ability to define Items in categories.
  • User may deal with any individual item in as many as three units. (E.g. gram, Kilogram, tones).
  • Every item has Minimum quantity, maximum quantity, and reorder level. Asseal calculates bonus for every item quantity depending on specific roles.
  • Preserving many items' types.
  • A manufacturing equation can easily be constructed by the user for production as well as calculating unit cost.
  • Every item can be located and managed in unlimited number of stores.
  • Items may be converted to other items.
  • Items may be transferred between stores.
  • Ability to locate the items physical location and shelf in stores.
  • Value of stock on hand may be calculated in many different ways (FIFO, LIFO, purchase average, sales average or anyone of the prices specified in the item information). Supporting the management of expiry dates and batch numbers for items.
  • Barcodes can be generated and used, easily for each Item. Barcode can be printed using normal printer (laser or inkjet); there is no need for special barcode printer.
  • Ability to define many numbers of unit of measurements the system can make the requires conversion
  • Delivery Notes
  • Delivery notes may be used to manage the movement of goods as a preliminary step until receiving or issuing invoices.
  • Delivery notes may be used to move goods between different stores.
  • A single delivery note or a set of delivery notes can be converted to invoice or import statement invoice.
  • Carry fee may be specified for the driver.


(3) Receipt and Payment Vouchers
  • Accounts receivable.
  • Accounts payable.
  • Multi cash account.
  • Bank accounts treatments.
  • Cheques management.
  • In addition,
  • Adding receipts or payments is not limited into a certain cash account; instead may specify the cash account with every voucher. This is important when de with multi branches.
  • User may specify Income VAT Deduction amount with any voucher.
  • User may use the voucher set form, to enter a bulk of vouchers.
  • User may include unlimited number of cheques with every voucher.
  • Cheques management
  • Asseal treats cheques in a simple way to cover all the stages a cheque may pas through (such as deposit, withdrawal, return, disbursement, etc). All the stages even repeated may be reviewed. Asseal generates all the necessary accounting journals considering gains or loses in currency rates.
(4) Invoicesً


  • Sales and purchase invoices and their returns.
  • Service and expense invoices.
  • Debit and credit notes invoices.
  • Import statements invoices.
  • VAT report generation.
In addition,
  • Asseal paves the way of dealing with a wide range of invoice types (sales, purchase, sales return, purchase return, service, expense, import statements, debit note, credit note ... etc).
  • In every invoice, user may specify a discount amount or a discount percent for the entire invoice or for an individual item or service.
  • Every item may be subject to a VAT percent different than the other items in the same invoice.
  • User may specify bonus quantities.
  • Every invoice may be associated with a receipt or payment.
  • Within the service or expense invoice their may by unlimited number of services or expenses.
  • Delivery notes may be used to manage the movement of goods as a preliminary step until receiving or issuing invoices.
VAT Reports statements
  • An easy and user-friendly interface for preparing VAT report.
  • Asset VAT is calculated automatically.
(5) Other features

Currency rates.
Multiple books.
Purchase and sales orders processing.
Purchase and Sales quotations.
Import cost calculation.

(6) Reporting

A library of rich reports and statistics (more than 700 reports) covers any user needs. Having in mind grouping them in a way any user can find the report he wants in a very simple way.
All accounting reports are included such as ( journal ,general ledger aging, balance sheet, trial balance, accounts receivable and accounts payable balances, profit and loss, budget Reports, Bank Statement, Issued Checks, depreciation, cost of Assets, received and issued checks and statement of activities)
Users can add new reports or edit existing ones without a previous experience in programming.
Company or firm's logo or any other image may be placed in any report the user finds it necessary to do so.
All reports may be viewed on screen or sent directly to printer or both.
Any report output can be saved to a file in order to view or print it when needed.
User can select the language of any reports Arabic or English as desired. Export reports to Microsoft Office (such Excel, Word, HTML, etc.).
Sending reports by Email.

(7) Graphics Representation and Analysis

One of the unique features available in Asseal the capability to produce many types of graphs (Bar, Pie, Line, ... etc). These graphs may be viewed on screen or sent to printer. Some of these graphs are as follow: Item balance from date to date.

A monthly representation of in coming and out coming quantities.
Item balance change ratio from month to month.
An average of selling or purchase price for every month.
Account balance from date to date.
Accounts balance change ratio from month to month.
Comparing a currency price with another currency.

(8) Security

Accessing the system is controlled with tight security system, administered by the administrator of the system. The administrator of the system can assign user ID and password for any specific user, also he can assign different tasks and privileges of each user. Any user can have the flowing wrights for any specific task ( i.e. adding Journal transaction or printing General Lodger for example)
Preview only
Add and Preview only
Full control (Add, Preview and Edit)
All transactions are monitored and associated with user who originated them, and logged. It can be reviewed by the administrator.

(9) Technical Features

The Asseal software written using state of art technology, based on object orient language Delphi programming language.
It's a Client/Server architecture can work with Paradox, Oracle and MS SQL database
Data base can be replicated and transferred between single user version and Client/Server version.
User on LAN can work on Paradox version of Asseal (Peer to Peer), or the can have a Client/Server version of Asseal with Oracle database.
The system support Multi-User environment, it can be installed for single user or multi user on LAN Local area network or WAN wide area network.
Runs under Microsoft windows 9x/NT/ME/2000/XP/Vista.
Integrated report writer
A multi user version of Asseal is available on peer to peer network
A multi user version of Asseal is available as Client/Server with Oracle database.
The system can be integrated with other existing applications.
The system can be configured according to the work needs.
Data entry forms can be customized according to user demand as well as the reports.
Full support for bar code reader.

(10) General Features

Asseal software complies with Ministry of Finance latest tax laws and requirements. In fact the VAT and IT departments in Ministry of Finance using our software.
Bilingual Arabic/English (interface, data entry and reports)
The system is user friendly with GUI interface and fully integrated.
Asseal can export data to Microsoft Office applications like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
Within the Asseal, the tools necessary for backing up data, checking and fixing the data integrity.
Data and configuration of the system can be transfer from year to another easily.
Auditor can trace journals and inventory transaction back to their origin with one click.
Asseal software is multi company system.

(11) Help

Asseal introduces three types of help, as follow:

Hint for every screen control or edit field; appears when user moves the mouse over every individual control or edit field.
A tutor can company the user through the system.
A very comprehensive help user may ask for by pressing the F1 key or by clicking on the help button.
Video learning tools.
A comprehensive user manual for the system is also available.


Asseal, Software is available in three different releases, customer can chose one or any combination of them according to the nature of their work, all releases have the same features but they work on different databases to comply with the size of data and utilize the type of network if it exists.

Software packages

Beside our well known Asseal software, we have the following packages

Large weight scale software interface to Asseal.
Citadel Report Writer.

Training and support

Well planned training courses can be arranged according to our customers needs for free, the training are provided by highly skilled staff, support by user manual, video and all related manuals.
Citadel Company develops a long-term relation with it's clients through consistent quality service and support.