About Us

Citadel For Integrated Solutions is a leading software company specialized in providing IT services and system solutions for economical and services institutions.

Citadel For Integrated Solutions applies most recent technologies-to provide best services through its high qualified development team which makes Our Solutions able to provide best services to its clients. Now, and since more than 10 years of experience in Egyptian market, A large base of clients have been served by Our solutions and reached high levels of satisfaction about the IT services they got.

In Citadel For Integrated Solutions we consider every client as a partner who deserves to get the best services and best value of investments. We act as honest consultants to our clients and that's why our solutions gains their trust in every field related to IT even points not related to our products or services. In Citadel For Integrated Solutions our clients can find:-

Experience Over five years, our solutions has provided IT services to more than 240 clients in different fields and in different countries which made our development team aware and experienced in different types of business and they are now able to recognize your requirements and help you find the best benefits you can get out of using all the available IT Services.

Knowledge, In Citadel For Integrated Solutions we keep on enhancing our development team throughout regular training courses to help them keep up with the latest development techniques and technologies, in addition to our long experience in development of multiple business fields.

Innovation, Citadel For Integrated Solutions provides innovative solutions to business problems using IT services. Finding innovative solutions can reduce costs and efforts of traditional business solutions. With Citadel For Integrated Solutions , our clients can find tailored solutions specific to their problems.